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How to Start Windows 10 in safe mode while booting?

There are many methods that you can use to start Windows 10 in the safe mode. Safe Mode is simple, it loads only the most essential files and drivers. The old way to get into the Safe Mode is booting the PC by pressing the F8 key at the right moment. These methods work with only on computers old hardware.

Ways to start safe mode:

1.Using “Shift+Restart” on the Sign In screen

If you can not log into your Windows 10, but you can get into your Sign IN screen. Press and hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard and click on the Power button and tap on the Restart. Your system gets restarted and ask you to select an option.

  • Click on the Troubleshoot
  • Choose Troubleshoot option, after the restart
  • At the troubleshoot screen, choose the advanced options.
  • Choose the Advanced option on the screen. You may not see the option at first, it depends on your Computer. Click on ” See more recovery options”.
  • Finally click on the Startup setting option.
  • You can choose which boot option you want to be enabled.

2. Installation drive & Command Prompt:

Boot your broken windows 10 PC from the setup DVD or USB memory stick. Wait for it untill the installation environment loads.

  • Choose the language and keyboard layout you prefer
  • Click on the “Next”
  • Select the link that says “Repair Your Computer” at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Choose Troubleshoot option, when you asked what option you prefer.

Type down the following command in the command prompt and press enter, wait until it tells you that “The opertation completed successfully”.

Windows Activating Safe Mode from the Command Prompt
  • Now close the Command Prompt and choose to continue on the next screen.
Continues to Windows 10

Reboot your PC after completing the above steps. Windows 10 starts into safe mode. Log in with a user account that has administrator permissions and performs the changes you want.


Windows 10 is the fastest operating system wih a fast boot process. Getting into the safe mode might not work as you did with the older versions of operating systems. Try any of the methods we shared above in this article. Comment down in the comment section that which one you prefer the most and which one worked easily.

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