How to Use Kodi Addons to Watch Live TV – Step by Step Guide

Kodi Live TV

Kodi – a powerful home media tool accessible on a broad range of devices. With the matching plugins and right hardware, adding your favorite TV channels to the main Kodi interaction is a breeze. 

Have you ever utilized Kodi addon to watch your favorite live TV? Are you the one who is planning to switch to Internet TV? Then, this guide will aid you to use Kodi addons to watch live tv. Let’s dive deep into them

How to use Kodi to Add-ons to watch Live TV?

Kodi has become one of the best home entertainment systems which are accessible for free. Most of the users think that Kodi is only for streaming movies and TV shows. But Kodi doesn’t have such frontiers. With the best addons for streaming live tv channels, you can stream 500+ live TV channels.

Note – Some add-ons require a membership to the streaming service, while the others are exclusively free like BBC iPlayer, Comet and much more. If you have a membership to the services like MLB TV, PlayStation Vue, Fox Sports Go, you can find simple to utilize add-ons to install to Kodi.

Step 1

  • Open your Kodi app. 
  • You will be navigated to the main menu of Kodi interface. 
  • Navigate to the settings on the left side of the screen and select Add-ons
Install Kodi live tv

Step 2

  • Select download option at the bottom of the list of tabs
  • There, you can find various options, in that, select Video add-ons
install kodi live tv addons

Step 3

  • After selecting the video add-ons, scroll through the list till you find your required add-ons and select it

Step 4

  • Kodi will get you to the page which is devoted to your selected add-on
  • Choose Dependencies to find out the additional software for the add-on to function properly
  • Once you’re done, choose Cancel option to back out

Step 5

  • On the add-on page, choose Install option to install your Add-on
  • Again Kodi will display you the dependencies
  • Choose OK to proceed further

Step 6

  • All the add-ons will be downloaded and installed by Kodi along with its required dependencies
  • For every successful installation, a message will pop-up 

Step 7

  • Now select the Video add-ons tab
  • Your newly downloaded add-on will pop in the main window
  • Launch by selecting it

Step 8

  • Your add-on will be opened by Kodi. 
  • From there, just navigate through and locate a Live TV stream to begin watching your favorites

Final words

Kodi renders you an impeccable streaming platform which will aid you to save cost, and access unlimited live TV channels. Hope, you might have enjoyed while reading this blog. For further updates, stay connected with us!

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