How to Catch Rare Fish in the Plains of Eidolon

One of the best and new features of Warframe Eidolon Plain’s expansion is fishing. While tracing the open terrain of the Plains of Eidolon, Tenno can stop the nearby waters to catch a variety of fish, which can be traded for additional or permanent resources. This guide will explain everything you need to know about warframe fishing on the plains.

How to do fishing in warframe?

Before you start fishing, you need to spend some time to reach the plain of Eidolon and learn more about this new Ostron Settlement. If this is your first time after an update, be sure to visit Cetus on Earth and get familiarize with the locals before trying to fish.

Fishing Tools

For fishing on a warframe, you must first obtain a fishing spear from an Ostron fish merchant named Hai-Luk. He is the first supplier on the left when you enter the main Dock market in Cetus. You must perform well complete the bounty given to you by Konzu near the Plains of Eidolon gate in order to purchase the items from the local vendors. 

Talk to Hai-Luk and choose to browse her companies. Buy a Lanzo fishing spear for  500 Standings. The high-quality Tulok spear is very expensive (2000 levels) and requires Offworlder. Fishing spears can be mounted on the gear wheel.

Warframe fishing tips

Once you get a fishing spear, you prepare your fishing skills to test the movement on the ground. Go to the plains and go up your map to find decent water. A larger body of water, the bigger the fish.

Once you settled in the fishing area, reach the shore and look at the water. While some fish are silent, most emit subtle noises and create bubbles in the water. This is particularly useful when the water is hard or musky. It may take a while for a fish to appear, so be patient.

The fishing spear acts like a harpoon, with a retractable line attached. Prepare your fishing spear and be ready. When you slip something into the water, aim it at your hive and throw your fishing spear. With a little luck, you can catch good fish depending on the location on the plains of Eidolon.

Tips for Fishing

  • A spawning of an oval fish is heard a few minutes ago in the span.
  • Depending on the species (color and size), water (full or clean of plants), the effects of water (reflection and light) and daylight (some fish are lit at night), this can be difficult. 
  • The luminous dye is the simplest solution, benefiting from the production of small amounts of ferrite, Iradite and cred produce ten charges which will clearly transport all fish in a good time for a short time.
  • The player can jump on the surface of the water to scan the fish; Get back to the edge using target skating, flying slides, and double jump.
  • Ivara: Ivara’s dashwire ability can create ziplines over water to get a better location, however, the zipline cannot zoom in with fishing spears. In addition, a flashing dye or fish bait can be balanced on the backline, as long as you target a fishing lance at the same time as the dye or the bait is blown. However, the fishing lance cannot be changed in the zipline.
  • Banshee: Banshee’s Sonar 130X Dark Sonar ability can be used to briefly expose fish with an outline, although they may or may not appear weak spots.
  • Limbo: Limbo will see the fish with a unitary outline when it is inside the rift, but the spear does not work because the fish is not inside the crab.
  • Codex scanners and packaged scanners can be used every few seconds to briefly expose the fish.
  • All fish species have codex entries located in the Object section and take 20 scans to complete their entries.

Types of fish

Fish come in a variety of sizes and shapes and warframes, from small to large. Fish can be traded at high visibility for a variety of resources, including additional positions or scales, oil, meat, and special parts. Here is a list of fish species to fish in the Edolan of the Plains:

After catching fish in the Warframe, go to Hi-Luc and buy bait cards. The craft of fishing bait may be credited and may require some sort of fish meat, but bait fishing can help improve your odds. Glitter dye can be used to lighten fish at night, which is useful for evening adventures.

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