How To Clean The Burners On A Gas Stove

How to clean the burners on a gas stove

When it comes to cooking, the Gas stove has some benefits over the electric cooktops. But, when the hardworking appliances are not properly maintained in the kitchen, it quickly becomes a dirty mess. Likewise, if the grates and burners are caked with the mess, then it gives off a weak flame. In some cases, if the burner is clogged badly, there will be no flame. Hence, a good scrubbing with proper detergents and techniques will clean the burners on a gas stove.

In this blog, we’ve provided the procedure to clean the burners of the gas stove with proper care. Just go ahead, and clean your burners by following our guide.

How To Clean The Burners On A Gas Stove

Though there are numerous appliances available to cook food efficiently, the gas stoves are the most widely used cooking medium in India. Compared to electric cooktops, there are many top selling gas stoves in India. Also, it is much better to cook when compared to other kitchen appliances. Hence, people prefer to move towards a gas stove for cooking delicacies.

But, when it comes to cleaning, many people wonder how to clean the burners on a gas stove. If you are the one among them, follow the below steps to clean your burners.

Equipment required to clean the burners

  • Dish Soap
  • Scrub Pad
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Paper Clip
  • Baking Soda

Steps to clean the burners on a gas stove

1. Read the instructions from the manual

Usually, when you buy a new product, it will be provided with the user manual. Hence, going through the user manual will help you to know which parts are safe to remove while cleaning the cooktop. Some product manual may even suggest a cleaning method. In case, if you don’t have the user manual, get it from the manufacturer’s site.

2. Remove the Burner Caps

Before you begin to clean the Burners, shut off the gas valve. Many gas stove comes with the removable ceramic disc that sits at the top of the burner. Remove than gently.

3. Remove the Burners head

Remove the burners head by lifting up straightly that are placed at the top of the Venturi tube. Mind you, not to bend the ignition electrode of your stove.

4. Soak the Removed Parts

Take a mixture of soap and warm water. Once you removed the burners cap and burners head, soak them in the soap water for about 20 to 30 minutes. This will loosen the hard remains or dirt from those parts.

5. Scrub the soaked parts

Now, take the parts from the soap water and scrub the food strains from the burners cap and head using the scrub pad and old toothbrush. In case, if the strains remain in the port openings, make use of the paper clip and clean the portholes by digging. If the strain remains in the burners, then use baking soda to washout the dirt.

Note: Never use a toothpick to clean the portholes because if they are broken inside the porthole, then it is risky to remove it from the hole.

6. Rinse the burner parts

Now, rinse the entire burner parts with water. Dry it with a towel and air-dry it completely for a few moments. Before reassembling the parts back, clean the gas stove and fix the parts perfectly.

That’s it. Your gas stove is set with the clean burners. Start cooking your food with the clean gas stove. Happy cooking!

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